Earthly Mother, Gratitude and Social Responsibility

Hello again. So,I was cuddled up on the sofa last night with my fiance watching Blue Planet. I don’t regularly watch documentary’s but I am quite interested in watching nature sgows and human interest stories. It struck what a beautiful, magical world we live in. An intricately designed ecosystem, where, when left to it’s own devices, nature flourishes and grows, working in Divine harmony. I had this thought last night while I watched the beautiful world under the seas, and almost immediately afterwards my brain took me to all the war torn countries and the corruption but my heart and soul wanted to argue. This earth of ours, this society, does, in my opinion, have the capacity and potential to become harmonious, blissful, heaven on earth.

I think it is too easy, the way the world seems now, to become jaded and cynical, or to become so worried and stressed that depression and apathy sets in. But consider this … maybe if we all took at least ten minutes every day to find something beautiful about the world, about our lives, it would instil a bit of hope, which would give us the energy and pull for us to all make our difference and do our bit. I think we are all due a negativity detox. Do you find yourself constantly watching the news? Reading scary and negative articles in the papers and on social media? I say stop. Limit it to at least once a week. Limit it to just enough that you know enough to choose what you can do to make a difference. Knowledge is power but overwhelm can drown you.

Here comes the next bit – social responsibility. Which particular issue makes you angry? Which inspires you to take action? There is always something you can do to make a difference. Please, take five minutes now to make a list of the issues that are closest to your heart and any action steps you can take to either raise awareness or make a change. Can you sign petitions? Can you organise a fundraising event or campaign? Doing something about it can help release any negativity or frustration you are feeling and empower you.

I am lucky enough to work for a company that works ethically and safely, and campaigning is part of my job. It has been made easy for me because I get training, but there are sources of support out there. Knowledge is power my friends. Educate yourselves. Take your action, and then sit back and get on with your lives – continue with the process of becoming the best you that you can be. Enjoy the beauty that our Earthly Mother has to offer.

To start you off, Lush UK is running a campaign right now asking our government to protect and keep the Hunting Act, because there will be a vote on Wednesday to decide whether to loosen the terms of the act, putting all forms of hunting back on the table. I feel that this is a cruel sport and so many Britons campaigned for years to abolish hunting, so why are the people not being listened to? You can tell the functionality of a society by the way it treats it’s most vulnerable. What is the vote saying about us as a people? Why go backwards instead of forwards? If you feel the same, please visit your local Lush store ASAP and sign one of our postcards to ask your MP to attend the vote and stick up for our friends without voices. Check out the link below for more information:

Wishing you all many blessings, peace, love and light,

Lucy Loizou xxx