Photo     Welcome – I’m so glad you came to visit! Why don’t you sit down for a cuppa while we get to know each other? I am a person-centered mother of two who went from believing she couldn’t survive on her own to getting a Diploma, running her own home, and being a supervisor in retail to practice different skill sets. 

I love to read – anything from fiction to personal and spiritual development, and I love a good research-based book based on what helps people to grow and to live a self-actualized life. 

Over the last decade, I have started the project of putting all of my learning into writing so that others may be supported in learning to be their own best friend and working towards their dream lives, whatever they may look like. It also helps me to process my own journey – self-knowledge and understanding is key to living a most authentic life. A life of strength and inspiration. 

Will you come on this journey with me? 

I encourage you to read my blog and download the ebook Sowing The Seeds Of Change to help support you on your journey and get in touch with me – I love to read your stories and I will always answer your questions as best as I can!.

Much Love,

Lucy Loizou xx