Self -Acceptance

Ok, so I have spent so long these past few months learning what makes me an intuitive sensitive, an empath, and developing my self awareness even further. I am now more aware of all my weak points, where I trip up with negative or even obsessive thinking. Where I give my power away to others. Why I do it.

Facebook and social media at the moment is rife with memes and posts about introverts, empaths, intuitive sensitives – 10 ways to be in a relationship with one, ways they behave, how they struggle. But the overall feeling that i get from them (I have actually read them as they come up. I’ve done my research – both lived it and read it) is a kind of learned helplessness about the whole thing. As if it is a fixed state.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is strength in being an intuitive sensitive. There is strength in being an empath. There is strength in being an introvert. Whoever you are, whatever box you feel you belong in the most, you are here for a reason. You are not an accident or a freak of nature. You are here on purpose and perfect, beautiful, just the way you are.

Yes, it is important to know yourselves. Good ways to get better acquainted with your truest self include personal therapy; meditation; journaling or a chat room filled with like minded people. Even artwork or some kind of creative endeavour can help you to delve within. There are courses all over the internet that can support you in finding yourself.

If you understand your blind spots, your wounds and your learned behaviour patterns which don’t necessarily serve you anymore, then you can act instead of react in any given situation. You can respond from your wisdom and strength. You will know all your secrets already so that people will not be able to manipulate you or press your buttons. Unfortunately, people like this do exist – but they don’t always know or understand their own behaviour. they are coming from a wounded place, and some might have mental health concerns – and personality disorders. Our job is not to hate them, not to resent. But to recognise them and stay away. Nobody will change unless they want to and are invested. Those of us who are sensitives, intuitive and empaths are like walking targets to these kinds of people. Because we are caring – we are here to heal and serve and we can sense what people want and need and feel drawn to help. Send them love, send them healing if you can. Forgive them.

It is a fact that you will come home feeling drained and exhausted, that you will be unsure if you’re feelings and what you’re working towards, your goals, are your own. This is why it’s important to engage in self care. I challenge you now to think of five of your favourite ways to relax and unwind. To let go of the day and find space to understand yourself! One of my ways is to draw a lovely luxurious bath and sit in their for as long as I need, letting the thoughts roll ahead my head until I find some clarity and peace.

Please do not drop anchor in the place where you feel you have an illness, a pathology or that your sensitivity is a weakness. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are a warrior of light and caring. You are a king or a queen. It’s time to embrace yourself and enjoy a fulfilled life.

I love you.

Please love yourself.

Wishing you peace, love and many blessings,

Lucy Loizou.