The Thick of Autumn

We are heading into the thick of autumn. The nights are drawn in – complete darkness at 4pm. When one walks outside in nature, the earth takes on a cacophony of colour, supplied by a great carpet of fallen, crunchy leaves. The trees take on a darker hue, a skeletal frame. Nature is drawing its energy in – pulling it in close and going to sleep. It is letting go – shedding what it no longer needs, so that come spring, it can create life anew. Stronger. Fresher.

It is a natural time for reflection. For taking stock of what the year has bought. Of what we have created, or not created. For how we have grown. This is a time to release the pressure of giving and creating. To go within.

This has been an incredible year of change. Drastic, dramatic. There has been intense suffering and intense celebration. This has been a year when people came together to resist the ineffective status quo. To press for change. 

It has also been a lonely year for some people. We have been cut off from the blessing of human touch. We had to adapt and find new ways of socialising. 

Some of us thrived and some floundered with the new way of things. Some of us have been on a continuing loop within this spectrum the entire time. I have been one of the latter. 

I have given in to the arms of apathy and despair in the morning and risen anew with motivation, hope and joy in the evening. I have cried and laughed in equal measure. I have withdrawn into isolation, licking my wounds, for one moment and the next have found the strength to give succour and solace to my fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth.

I feel the energy of the closing year within me. I feel it ending energetically. Spiritually. Emotionally. 

It feels exciting. Renewing. It is also subdued. Quiet. Uncertain. 

Some tools for us during this time:





Some rituals:

Bathing in salt water.

Safely burning old thoughts and ideas.

Walking in nature.

Clearing out of any items we no longer need – giving them away and thanking them for their blessing.

Some questions (ask yourself these questions gently, with compassion and love. It’s been a very difficult year for us all):

What came into your life that gave you joy this year?

What came into your life that broke your heart?

What about these situations made you feel this way?

What did you learn about yourself?

How did this feel?

What beliefs about yourself/life do you want to let go of at this time? Why?

What beliefs about yourself/life do you want keep? Why?

What about your dreams? Look back on the beginning of the year – what were your dreams then?

Did you get any closer to achieving them? 

Which ones are still important to you and ignite you with passion and inspiration?

Which no longer resonate? Is it time to let them go?

How will you do this?

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Much love always.

Much peace always.

Stay safe.

Lucy Loizou

Image Credit: Daily Express


The Truth about Happily Ever After.

The run-up to my birthday this year has brought on some serious self-reflection. I am about to become 37. Another three years and I will be 40. I never thought my age would bother me, but I have come to the realization that somewhere, in the back of my mind, 40 is my adult number. The age at which I am to have it all together, to have achieved my success, whatever that would look like. When I realized I had three more years to reach this age, I started to realize that maybe, just maybe, I won’t live forever. I started to see my life as a timeline. Going back to the beginning and reliving moments, reliving times when I was just existing, relaxing, playing. Reliving times when I limited myself, not realizing my right to be here, my right to be happy in my own way. Living a life of people-pleasing and thinking that other people knew more than me and I was obligated to listen to their advice more than my own.

My exact thought was, shouldn’t I be well on my way to my own Happily Ever After by now? Shouldn’t I be sorted? We live a life of expecting this state of being sorted – knowing who we are, the perfect relationship, career, family, home so that we don’t have to worry about it anymore. A stage of stasis is perpetuated by children’s fairy tales, by the movies, and cartoons. Happily Ever After, and that is where the story ends.

What happened to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty – after the wedding? After the story ends? Is that the end of their yearning? Their sole purpose in life?

You might think I’m being cynical, but in this earthly life, in our time here, there is no happy ever after. There might be happier ever after, or pretending to be happy after. But things don’t just stop once you find the perfect career, the perfect home, the perfect family, friends, or social status. Well, – correction, for some people it does stop there, but not just because of some unforeseen illness or sudden death, but because they hold on to that space in time in a death grip that prevents them from growing and learning.

The truth is, Sleeping Beauty, five years into her relationship with the prince, probably discovered that her relationship needed work and went into journalling to or therapy, in order to learn how to communicate with him better. I mean, after sleeping all of those years, one would think that she needed space to find herself, to find out who she really is, and what she wants to do with her life. The prince may have though, goodness, who is this person that I woke up with a kiss? I love her dearly but I do long for another adventure – I want to rescue someone. You see?

The truth is, we are here to evolve and learn throughout our lives. Yes it feels great to reach a goal. Yes it feels great to reach a clearer understanding of yourself and life so far. But no, it doesn’t you mean you should risk changing everything you have accomplished for the chance of something that could be even more fulfilling for you. That you shouldn’t leave your place and level of learning, you shouldn’t challenge your outlook and ideals of life again. Life without change, life without growth, is stagnation. Is death. Slow, painful, soul-destroying death.

As we learn, as we grow, we change. We understand ourselves better. We get Divine guidance to work on new projects, meet new people. These yearnings, though they might feel scary, should be tested out and considered, not just ignored so we can stay in our comfort zone.

Please always stay open and listen to those beautiful inner whisperings, calling you to learn something new. Some new skills, some different ways of being, or a new healthier habit. Be open to the new friends that come your way, the new experiences, and opportunities that the universe brings to you. If you listen to your inner voice, and check it with common sense and a good plan, setting your intention and taking daily action, you will be living a life, not just an existing one.

So, why don’t you write a list of all of the ideas and thoughts of your inner whisperings? Write a journal, draw pictures or talk to a trusted friend about the new things you are learning about yourself, and choose which actions you feel would be the best to take on next.

Love and Blessings,
Lucy Loizou.